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fix your computer

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Have you ever felt stressed out because you have a bunch of work to accomplish or your deadline for a project is approaching and your computer is broken? Some people could feel like the world has stopped spinning and be unsure of what to do. and in the midst of your stress, you call IT assistance.

IT assistance will check your computer and take some time to do so, which will waste your time while you wait. Once your computer is fixed, they will charge you a fee. It may only be a simple problem, but when they see that you have no IT experience, they charge you more and tell you nonsense in an effort to gain your trust.

Here, we’ll share with you some tips on what to do if your computer faces a problem.

Analyze it first

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Don’t panic, it was just the first thing you needed to do. Next, figure out what the issue is. If your computer displays a blue screen, note the error code and try to find a solution online. If your computer is lagging and not responding, try opening task manager (for Windows users) or performing a hard restart, which typically involves holding the power button down for five seconds.

Prepare the tools

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If you’ve tried restarting your computer several times but nothing has changed, it’s possible that your hardware needs to be fixed. To do this, you’ll need a small tool, such as a screwdriver, which you can purchase online. After checking your hardware, don’t forget to clean it thoroughly, especially the fan and RAM slot, as this could be the source of your major issue. If you’re unsure of its location, you can find it online because many computer manufacturers use the same model of mainboard

Ask a buddy with IT experience.

Ask a buddy with IT experience.

This is the last thing you should do before bringing your computer to an IT technician. A trustworthy friend will tell you what the problem is with your computer and may be able to help or provide you a solution. You might ask him for an estimate of the cost of your PC problem so that your IT technician won’t charge you a hefty fee.

You can ask a friend for a recommendation or look for it on an online forum. Keep in mind that not all IT technicians will treat you unfairly, rather, many of them will help you honestly. Good marketing is based on word of mouth because everyone who gives you a recommendation also has a positive testimonial.

Here are our tips for today. We hope we can help you when you’re panicking because your computer unexpectedly breaks while you’re using it. Always check it first on the internet, ask a friend, or perhaps look for the answer in an online forum before you call your IT technician. If you have a good and trustworthy technician, you can recommend him or her to others who are experiencing the same issue as you.

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