This is why Harkovnet uses Cloudflare

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This is why Harkovnet uses Cloudflare.

Many claim that “the internet is a place of freedom”.

The internet has changed over the years. When we first learn about it in school, it was developed to connect all computers globally. Later, it changed to provide information services. Finally, it became the Internet of Things, allowing you to control anything.

Nowadays, no one can avoid the internet because it is a part of our civilization, those who live in the millennium can’t be separated from it when they are playing their games, getting study materials, or even looking for someone to date.

Internet Application

What if it’s difficult to get internet content? Perhaps you’re having issues with your internet speed or the server is unable to deliver the material you requested? We are aware that it will be risky to your revenues, especially if your information is extremely helpful to others.

Harkovnet is concerned about all of these issues, so we decided to include Cloudflare in our infrastructure.

You no longer need to worry since we always maintain our network to be ready and avaliable for you because Cloudflare’s global network is connected in 193 cities across the globe and has more than 20 million Internet sites on it.

the internet server

The security is the second reason we choose Cloudflare. Security is our top priority, thus Cloudflare makes sure to encrypt your data as it travels from your device to our server to prevent hackers from sniffing your traffic. This also helps Cloudflare stop hackers from DDOS and burn your website.

Since the Cloudflare global network is interconnected in 193 cities around the world, our server is available to serve you whenever you need it and there is no significant delay between you and it.

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