This is why you need a website for your business

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Today’s business owners favor using social media as their main tool for marketing. You can use Twitter, Instagram, or another social media network to promote your product. Nowadays, most users spend more time on social media than they do browsing the internet since it is easy to use. Over 4.26 billion individuals used social media globally in 2021, according to, with more people expected to do so in 2027. The target market is simple to identify thanks to the social media algorithm, which is now built on a bubble and ensures that only those who share your interests will see your content.

It’s totally different if we flashback to 5 years or maybe a decade ago. at that time, the business owner who wanna promoting their product online will be using a website for their marketplace and catalogue, it’s maybe because social media at that time is just a place for looking for friends and communicating with others, not for primary tools for running a business or promoting a product. The website at that time is not really interactive like these days, some website is only for sharing a product with a photo and dropping their contact for a customer who is really interested in the product. But nowadays you can do transactions automatically, tracking order shipment and Etc with a single website, so customers and business owners can easily manage the transaction.

A person do transaction on website
A person do transaction on website

Does running a business still need having a website?

It does, but why? because having a website is crucial for branding your business. When customers search for your brand online and find you in search results, it will increase their trust in your brand. Additionally, if you have a website, you can manage your catalog easily because you cannot do this with social media alone. Additionally, you can set up payment gateways for your transactions, allowing you to manage any transaction easily.

If you need a website but are unsure how to create one, Harkovnet will assist you at an affordable cost. We will handle it according to your needs and guarantee the security, stability, and scalability of your website. Because we have successfully completed hundreds of projects, you don’t need to have any doubts about our qualities. A benefit of using Harkovnet is the server and security. Our server is dedicated and under our complete control around-the-clock, and we make sure it is always up and running smoothly and accessible wherever you are. We constantly maintain security, so you won’t have to worry if a hacker tries to attack you. We also constantly backup your data and watch for traffic, so we can take necessary preventative measures.

Harkovnet always maintenance security
Harkovnet always maintenance security

Harkovnet is ready to create another app for you, not just a marketplace or company profile. We can help you create a one-of-a-kind app for your company with any feature you desire. Harkovnet is not only capable of creating desktop apps, we can also create mobile applications with a clear and simple but also user-friendly UI that anyone can use. If you have a question, you may email us or message us on Instagram. We hope to engage with you.

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